5 Reasons Why Ambit Is Your Best Choice For Electricity

Has anyone ever came up to you and said this decision is a “no brainer”. What if I told you that the Ambit Energy Opportunity is a no brainer decision. Think about this for a minute and see why Ambit Energy is the perfect product, perfect timing, and perfect opportunity for literally anyone to make money with.

I am not going to sell you or push this opportunity to you; it should sell itself and push itself onto you just like that. This isn’t like your traditional health company where you have to promote and push a nutritional supplement or try and sell your heart out and promise results and all of that. Health products (many of you may have tried already and probably failed) is something that isn’t a necessity for people in their everyday lives (sad but true), but electricity is. Everyone needs it, uses it, and understands it. With Ambit Energy, you now have the chance to not only save money, but earn and make it too! The demand for electricity is growing and ever since the government deregulated the electricity market, states and traditional electric companies no longer have their monopoly in place.


We all know that knowledge is power but it is what you do with that knowledge and how you put it into action is what makes the difference. Customers, and potential business builders like yourself, are warming up to the idea and gaining insight that they can now switch energy service providers and save money because deregulation is happening! There is no time in history like the time we are in now to take advantage of this exciting business opportunity in Ambit Energy.

As if you really need the top five reasons to join the Ambit Opportunity, I’ll lay it out for you so it makes perfect sense for you to get started today!

1. Perfect Timing with Ambit Energy

Now that the energy market has deregulated, consumers are rushing to lower prices and better choices. That excitement and change is just the beginning because energy deregulation is sweeping America.

Texas is leading the country as a model for deregulation. It is the 11th largest electricity market in the world. In Texas alone, residential customers spend over $24 billion dollars every year and most of those customers are still paying the highest rates in the market. Ambit Energy provides an opportunity to save money and earn income at the same time.

In New York, Ambit Energy serves all five boroughs of New York City and Westchester County. In our service area there are 3.4 million potential customers who pay an average electric bill of $100 a month, and only 10% of those have switched to an ESCO. Statewide, electricity is a $10 billion market, and Ambit has expansion opportunities into the service areas for Orange & Rockland, Rochester Gas & Electric, Niagara Mohawk and KeySpan. And we now offer natural gas service, which can potentially double commissions and bonus income for our Consultants.

On May 7, 2008 Ambit Energy became an AGS (Alternative Gas Supplier) in Illinois, to serve the small commercial and residential Natural Gas customers of Nicor. In are service area there are 2.1 million potential customers. Nicor Gas, North Shore Gas and Peoples Gas voluntarily offer programs that allow their residential customers to choose their gas supplier. Customer participation is also voluntary; eligible customers may choose an alternative supplier or remain with the utility and receive bundled (delivery and supply) gas service.

Ambit has expansion opportunities in to the electric industry, which by law restructured the state’s electric industry to promote customer choice and create a competitive marketplace.

Which side of the equation do you want to be on!

2. Perfect Product with Ambit Energy

It is so easy to explain and show people. Everyone uses it, understands it, and can sell it. The electricity industry is a 474 Billion dollar industry and growing! Just like electricity, natural gas is the same way. We understand it, use it, and both of them allow customers to save money and generate a monthly income! It really does not get any easier than this!

3. Simple Business

It really doesn’t get much easier with Ambit Energy. Requires no inventory, no deliveries, and no collections on your part because Ambit Energy takes care of everything for you plus more. With an experienced management team you are backed by a solid company so you can find your way to financial independence. How much easier do you want it!

4. Flexible Schedule

How does working when and how you want sound? Work from your own home? Enjoy more time with your friends and family? Did you know in 2006 that home based business owners accumulated over $32 billion in sales according to the Direct Sales Association? And what is stunning about that is that almost 90% of them worked under 30 hours a week! Just like me and many of my team members, the Ambit Energy opportunity has replaced the income from their full time jobs and now are free to live a lifestyle that everyone dreams of having! Make your lifestyle Ambit!!

5. Low Start Up Cost

I have been with Ambit Energy for about one year now, and the power that Ambit Energy packs is incredible. For the price to get started it is absolutely amazing as very few ground floor opportunities combine such a small start up cost with huge earning potential with such an experienced support team! Make a change in your life today!

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